Used Tire Store

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At Low Cost Tire, we have all the qualities of a first-class tire shop. Our used tires are of all types, and we have a crew of specialists who are well-versed in the installation department. Whether it’s your car, truck, SUV or van that needs a tire upgrade, we can assist you. There are many reasons you may want a tire change, and we totally understand you. Whether the treads are worn, the tire has developed cracks or you want to change the wheels to make your ride look appealing before selling it, we can take care of your needs. Buying a new set can be costly. Therefore, we give you the option of affordable used tires which are fully functional

At Low Cost Tire, we sell passenger tires, all season, all terrain and many other types and brands of tires. Here, you will never miss what you are looking for. Our used tires not only look new but they also feel like new when driving. We will even give you the best tire maintenance tips. We diligently serve motorists in Sun Valley, NV and the surrounding areas including Fernley, Sparks, Reno and Carson City. If you have just searched for the phrase ‘tire shop near me‘ on the internet and found our result, call us now!